Ones and zeros

Passion FOR


The heading pretty much summarizes it: it’s about going ‘all in’ on every project. Henrik at Capsor is truly an architect and technology whisperer, equally comfortable with massive throughput systems on the .NET Core framework as well as explaining it to the business.


Structuring your system is important. What is done and where? Can certain costly yet simple cloud operations be delegated to today’s powerful browsers? How do you structure responsibilities and data processing logic to make software maintainable and extensible for years to come? Henrik has worked 24 years with many systems, and have extensive knowledge in the area. Specifically what works in the real world. A technical due diligence review will make sure you’ve checked all the boxes, and let’s you rest assured you’re running a “tight ship”.


Henrik is passionate about learning and knowledge. Technology has a way of inventing itself, over and over. New ideas come up, sometimes brilliant, sometimes just a different way of doing the same thing. What’s worth picking up on, when is it time to change? Henrik has consistently taken on the role as mentor when contracted, a role that comes naturally with a wide knowledge and experience of different technologies and platforms. And most important of all: team collaboration. Finding and promoting team members’ skills really can take things to the next level. The expression “standing on the shoulder of giants” really fits well here.


Ah, the most fun part of software: optimizing it! After having built 8 realtime trading systems, both desktop, web and mobile, Henrik has years and years of experience knowing what to look for and how to optimize it. This really comes in handy whether it is about efficient querying, caching or finding memory leaks. Just because you have garbage collection built-in doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.