What we do

Welcome to a company specialized in all aspects of advanced software development. We focus on complex technical challenges, and offer consulting services and work as a technical advisor on anything performance-related, typically large-scale software projects.



Capsor Engineering works with heterogeneous environments, and has to date built eight (!) trading clients. We know the in’s and out’s of building multi-threaded, high performance client (and server) applications that easily can handle 100 million updates per day.

Focus has been on the client side, where good design is a success factor. There is a lot of information to be shown, preferably all at once. Do you get an overview of what can be done instantly? How intuitive is it to use? One of our pet peeves is that the end user shouldn’t have to resort to the manual, the system should be as intuitive and easy to learn as possible.

Some of the previous customers are SFE (Sydney Futures Exchange) in Australia, the AMEX in New York, Credit Suisse in London and NASDAQ-OMX and SIX Telekurs in Stockholm.

Due diligence

The question we all should ask is:

Does it scale?

All jokes aside, there are many aspects to think about in complex software projects.

How do you know if micro services are the best solution? Does it fit your solution, or are there other better applications? What is it specifically that is so great with micro services, and what are the pitfalls? That knowledge is very handy so as to not spend money in vain.

What does eventual consistency mean, and is it something acceptable, given possible performance gains? When it comes to NoSQL different rules apply than compared to “classic” SQL, and knowing the difference is key. Capsor Engineering has good experience with this which can be of great help.


We are passionate when it comes to learning and knowledge.

Technology has a way of inventing itself, over and over. New ideas come up, sometimes brilliant, sometimes just a different way of doing the same thing.

What’s worth picking up on, when is it time to change? Relational databases vs No SQL databases? Message queues or streaming sockets?

Capsor Engineering has consistently taken on the role as mentor when contracted, a role that comes naturally with a wide knowledge and experience of different technologies.